KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage Every girl dreams of having their own doll house. Many spend hours playing with doll house toys, carefully dramatizing and arranging furniture and scenarios. Not only are girls passionate about it, but there are many benefits to playing with a miniature doll house. A doll house is not just for play. Every child remembers fondly the person who bought them their doll house. They help children find common ground they can bond over, plus, they make a wonderful heirloom.

It impacts your child’s development in numerous ways, putting forward another convincing argument for parents/guardians to invest in these toys. The compelling designs and sheer variety available make them an even more appealing option to have for your little girl. You will never run out of gift ideas again!

Let’s look at some of the benefits of miniature doll houses for girls.

Imaginative Play

Doll houses promote creative play; developmentally important for young girls. Parents often overlook pretend play as it appears to have no goal. Nonetheless, it is an important element of learning for children. Credible research has found relations between imaginative play and social abilities, language and cognitive skills. This kind of play enables a girl to practice her social skills, improve her conversational vocabularies, work through any upsetting or troubling events, stretch her creativity, and learn empathy.

Some adults are troubled by pretending when kids seem to reject the ‘real’ world. However, a girl who insists she is a princess doesn’t deny reality. Rather, it is an elaborate experiment to uncover the limits of reality and imagination, along with investigating how somebody else might feel, think, and see. Logical rules are still applied, and girls often think of elegant solutions to issues.

When girls play together with doll house toys, skills such as taking turns, having self-control, sharing, improvisation, and listening are further improved. Girls enjoy playing with realistic houses and figures as these are a reflection of their life experiences in the world.

A doll house encourages imaginative play. As she imagines, she gets creative, and she also imitates what she sees adults do. Through such activities, she becomes more familiar with everyday activities, and this also enhances concentration and organization skills.

Playhouses also foster group play. As girls interact with adults or other youngsters, they improve their knowledge or understanding about particular things, and they may also build up their language or vocabulary skills through conversations. They also learn respect by example, and adults can use a doll house to demonstrate this to their children. Knock on a kid’s dollhouse door or just ring the toy doorbell before going into what a kid considers as her private domain. Also, avoid taking things from her doll house without getting her permission first. You show your kid how to value and respect privacy by doing this, as well as the belongings of other people.

Girls, like boys, learn a lot through play, and a majority of child-experts even stress the essence of play, especially in very young girls. Girls do not only enjoy having fun with toys, but they express themselves through play as well. A doll house is a tool that adults can make use of in encouraging intellectual and social development.


History Lesson

Miniature doll houses have a historical context, so each building (plus accompanying doll house toys) portrays a specific time. These dolls use period furniture and wear appropriate clothing. It is an amazing way for a child to learn about the past as well as how people used to live. She can recreate a favorite historical scene or event from a story.


Playing with miniature doll house requires subtle motor skills; the same ones that are essential for many life activities such as, writing and playing musical instruments. Organizing doll house toys and dressing small dolls also encourages concentration and improves hand-eye coordination.


Doll house toys are available in almost every possible shape, from small stained glass windows and cars to paintings. We take a look at the most popular, unique, fun and delightful miniature doll houses around today, which include Majestic Mansion Dollhouse, Melissa and Doug (very popular) KidKraft’s Savananah and Chelsea Cottage, Barbie, and Fisher Price houses.

You can choose to have one for your daughter with an elegant garden, a rocking horse, and a dining table laden with intricate foods and real dishes. Some girls go on to make their furnishings or clothing, further enhancing their use of creativity, concentration, imagination, and fine motor skills. Your daughter may opt to collect pieces and come up with a very rewarding hobby.

When you buy your young daughter a miniature doll house from us, she will use simple pieces of furniture and just a few figures and let her imagination take care of what is left. Older girls become passionate about more realistic settings and detailed accessories. As girls get older, they end up gaining a greater appreciation for open-ended opportunities offered by miniature doll house with realistic, detailed doll house figurines and toys.

Active Entertainment

Other than other passive methods of making your daughter busy like watching TV, doll houses facilitate a wide range of interaction. The girl’s brain is fully engaged while creating her believe world, while her hands are ever coordinating and busy as they interact and move with the dolls. A miniature dollhouse leads to a more enthused girl than the one just stuck in front of a screen, such as TV, tablet or computer. Child therapy also uses dollhouses, helping kids express feeling and ideas in a safe environment.


There are many benefits to having a dollhouse in your home. Girls love them for many reasons. They love being able to establish their own small world, dreaming up special characters with their own daily routines and offering them a voice. Friends want to come over and play. Doll houses are good for lone play, imagination, and rainy days.

They are more than just simple toys. Dollhouses are highly-prized possessions that can be passed on from generation to generation. Start making memories today by surprising a beloved child with the gift that keeps on giving.